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Chicken Karaagi is one of the choices for the mini bento boxes priced at Php350 (Vat inclusive)




The world has truly become a global village. Foreign cuisines are readily available in and around the metro. Filipino tourists who have been to the respective countries where these dishes originate relive the many memories that these flavors have evoked.




Pork Tonkatsu is one of the options for the mini bento boxes.priced at Php350 (Vat inclusive)




Diners who miss these gastronomic moments simply drop by their favorite restaurants. Those that crave Japanese cuisine are always welcome at Kitsho. And one of the dishes that encapsulate the Japanese dining experience is the bento box.

For the month of August, diners get to savor their preferred bento boxes of choice. There’s the special “take,” the deluxe matsu, or the mini bento box option. 




Salmon teppan is the deluxe matsu choice for fish lovers.



Great for quick chow during lunch breaks and/or snack time, the mini bento boxes are offered at the very affordable price of Php350 (VAT inclusive), an offer that would surely bring a smile on your faces. This great-valued and tasty dish comes in two choices: Chicken Karaagi and Pork Tonkatsu.

The Chicken Karaagi mini-bento box is served with Japanese rice, vegetable salad, black seaweed, takana, and fresh fruit. The Pork Tonkatsu mini-bento box, on the other hand, is also served with Japanese rice, vegetable salad, kanbu, kurisuke, and fresh fruit. You can savor these options while at Kitsho or by taking them out to your home or office.




The deluxe matsu bento box is valued at Php1,000 (VAT inclusive) and has three choices for main course US Beef teppan, Grilled Eel, or Salmon teppan.



Priced at Php582 (VAT inclusive), the special “take” bento box is another value-for-money choice. The complete meal-in-one consists of tuna and white fish sashimi, Japanese omelet, boiled spinach with sesame sauce, and a choice between sauteed pork, chicken teriyaki, or grilled mackerel as main course. This option is served with Japanese rice, miso soup, and assorted fresh fruits as dessert.

Diners and their guests who want to sample more than what the bento boxes offer could opt for the a la carte buffet. The lunch buffet is priced at Php1,356 while the dinner buffet is valued at Php1,536. Both meal prices are VAT inclusive.



The mouthwatering fresh green salad is a must-try!


The special take bento box is priced at Php582 (VAT inclusive). A great value-for-money deal




Since this is an a la carte buffet, there will be no smorgasbord spread. Everything will be prepared and served fresh, as ordered. Diners simply tell the waiting staff all the dishes they wish to sample and Executive Chef Keita Kamimoto and his F&B team would gladly prepare them all.




Three kinds of sashimi are proffered with the deluxe matsu bento box.

Kitsho Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar is operated and managed by MCK Millennium Foods, Inc.  and is conveniently located at the ground level of Hotel Jen Manila, across the sprawling CCP Complex along Roxas Boulevard’s sunset strip on the historic Manila Bay Area.

For reservations and inquiries, simply dial the restaurant’s trunkline no. 9943623 or get in touch with  Ms. Malou Manzano, through tel. no. 8776379. For more details, you may visit Kitsho’s social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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