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Shredded Roasted Duck with Fresh Fruit Salad in Dressing




City of Dreams Manila ushers in the bountiful Year of the Earth Pig with menu specialties from Crystal Dragon and Red Ginger restaurant; and auspicious line up of activities in front of Café Society at The Shops at the Boulevard.


Crystal Dragon


From January 25 to February 19, Crystal Dragon is offering specialty menus available for lunch at 12 PM to 3 PM and dinner from 6 PM to 11 PM.

The premium Chinese restaurant highlights symbolic and premium renditions of the traditional “Yu Sheng” salad with a fruity twist: the Prosperity Abalone Yu Sheng with Fruit Salad available in medium (Php 1,350++) and large (Php 2,700++) servings; and the Shredded Roasted Duck with Fresh Fruit Salad with dressing in medium (Php 1,280++) and large (Php 2,380++). The medium serving is good for four to five persons; while the large is good for eight to ten persons.




Steamed trio combination Nian Gao



“Yu Sheng” salad or “Lo Hei” is said to have been originated from a Cantonese phrase which means “tossing up good fortune.” A traditional Chinese New Year ceremony from Singapore, Malaysia and China, “Yu Sheng” customarily uses raw fish to symbolize abundance. Crystal Dragon’s Yu Sheng salad with abalone symbolizes good fortune and the one with duck signifies fertility, mixed with brightly-colored fruits that denote wealth, youth, happiness and long life. To bring in good luck, a ceremonial prosperity toss is usually held, where everyone gathers before the table, use their chopsticks to mix the ingredients, and toss it as say “Lo Hei!” as well as their well wishes.

Crystal Dragon also showcases Poon Choi menu which consists of Stewed Abalone Poon Choi Cantonese Style at Php 6,500++, and Stewed Tiger Prawn Poon Choi Cantonese Style at Php 3,500++. “Poon Choi” in Cantonese is known as “basin dish,” and was historically served to emperors in ancient China. It signifies prosperity and affluence, and is composed of a generous assortment of premium ingredients.

As part of the Chinese New Year celebration, Crystal Dragon also offers special a la carte menu composed of: Slow-cooked Supreme Fish Maw with Abalone and Minced Pork (Php 2,800++); Oven-baked Marinated Cod Fish Fillet with Fragrant Golden Garlic (Php 2,280++); Braised Stuffed Black Mushroom with Sea Cucumber in Supreme Oyster Sauce (Php 1,680++); Wok-fried King Prawn with Honey and Black Pepper Sauce (Php 480 per piece++); Wok-fried Vermicelli with Assorted Seafood and Chinese Pork Sausage (Php 880++); and Steamed Trio Combination Nian Gao (Php 480++).




Prosperity Abalone Yu Sheng with Fruit Salad



An excellent way to cap the meal, the must-try Nian Gao or locally known as “Tikoy,” is a sticky and sweet delicacy made from glutinous rice flour; and is known to signify unity and togetherness.

For a complete Chinese New Year dining experience of symbolic dishes with loved ones and friends, Crystal Dragon features two set menus good for a minimum of five persons. The six-course Happiness Set Menu priced at Php 3,880++ per person includes specialties such as Braised Sea Treasure Broth with Fish Maw and Wok-fried Fragrant Wild Rice with Sweet Corn and Assorted Nuts.

A more premium choice, the seven-course Magnificent Set Menu for Php 6,880++ per person includes exceptional dishes such as the Oven-baked Marinated Cod Fish Fillet with Fragrant Golden Garlic, and Poached Hand-pulled Noodles with Spicy Minced Pork and Mushroom.

Both menus are served with variations of the Yu Sheng salad and Poon Choi dishes, as well as Sauteed Celery with Lotus Root and Preserved Meat, and Steamed Trio Combination Nian Gao. The Shredded Roasted Duck Yu Sheng and the Stewed Tiger Prawn Poon Choi are offered for the Happiness Set Menu; while the Prosperity Abalone Yu Sheng and the Stewed Abalone Poon Choi are served for the Magnificent Set Menu.



Oven-baked Marinated Cod Fish Fillet with Fragrant Golden Garlic




Red Ginger


Flavors of the Lunar New Year can likewise be savored at Red Ginger for the whole month of February, which puts into spotlight its Lunar Festive Menu consisting of Ginger Poached Chicken with Spring Onion Oil; Braised Pork Pata with Sotanghon and Baby Bokchoy; Tiger Prawn with Butter Pumpkin Curry Sauce; Black Pepper Flower Crab with Winter melon; and Claypot Pla Pla Fish with Chestnut and Taro. Each is priced at Php 888++.

For an individual who likes to enjoy a Yu Sheng salad, Red Ginger is also offering a Mini Yu Sheng for Php 188++ from February 5 to 7. The dish is composed of thin slices of salmon, shredded vegetables, kaffir lime leaves, pomelo, crushed peanuts, and calamansi plum sauce. As a special offer, the Mini Yu Sheng can be availed for only Php 128++ if the guest orders a dish from the Festive Lunar Menu.

A contemporary Southeast Asian restaurant, Red Ginger is located at The Shops at the Boulevard in the upper ground floor, and is open 24 hours daily.



Activity Area in front of Café Society


Activities that bring good fortune and delight are lined up from February 8 to 10 at the activity area in front of Café Society, upper ground floor, The Shops at the Boulevard.

Dedicated fortune tellers are present every 3 PM to 8 PM to help guests chart their destiny and  find out what is in store for 2019; while the God of Fortune mascot is making appearances every 2:30 PM to 8 PM to give out fortune tokens to lucky patrons.

For the guests’ entertainment, cultural dancers are staging Chinese cultural performances at 4:20 PM and 6:25 PM.

Guests who are participating in the activities are requested to present their Dream Rewards membership card upon registration; while non-members may sign up for free at the Dream Rewards counter at the ground floor. Schedules are subject to change without prior notice.

For inquiries, call 800-8080 or e-mail [email protected] or visit


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