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Sumptuous pork slices make fine garnishment to this filling noodle dish!



For Asians, most especially Filipinos, noodles in whatever form, and however prepared, are an integral part of any celebration as they imbibe good luck, good energy, and long life. And with the new year just unfolding, celebrating with noodles is a good way of beckoning good karma into your lives.

At Kitsho, the noodle blast comes in savory bowls of ramen. Not only do they chase the chill and blues out of cold weather but also satiate cravings as any comfort food can. With six varieties to choose from, savor one or more of Kitsho’s delightful ramen bowls.




This Miso soup-based ramen bowl can chase away the blues and chill on cold and rainy days.



Share your piping hot bowl of ramen with a friend or try all the flavors with family and friends. The delicious broth and tasty noodles, together with meat morsels (and hot spice in some options) can satiate ramen cravings for both gourmets and gourmands.

Ramen found its way to Japan and the rest of Asia after World War II. Since then, this well-loved noodle dish has captured the palates of diners the world over.  The presence of ramen kiosks in hawker stalls, or in Asian sections of most buffet spreads, as well as in menu selections of every Japanese restaurant like Kitsho, attest to its staple status.




The Shouyu bowl is the closest one ever gets to the traditional Japanese ramen!



Concocted with different stock bases, each flavorful bowl proffers a distinct epicurean experience. Those who prefer a more soup-based ramen could opt for the Miso Ramen bowl with its lingering green onion or leeks aftertaste. Others who prefer some zing could opt for either the Tantamen or Negei varieties.

Diners who prefer their noodle dishes with some meat slices could go for the filling goodness of Tonkatsu or Shouyu bowls. The tender meat morsels make every bowl a complete meal in itself. Executive chef Keita Kamimoto, whose extensive culinary experience has brought him to many places across the world, brings this experience as he whips up the tastiest ramen bowls in Kitsho’s kitchen.




Spicy food lovers would love the zing in this excitingly ‘hot’ concoction.



Kitsho Japanese Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner daily from 11:30 in the morning ’till 11PM . In the coming months, Kitsho will start proffering breakfast with unlimited cups of coffee. So lovers of coffee and Japanese food has something to look forward to.




Executive chef Keita Kamimoto whips up sumptuous ramen and Japanese dishes with his F&B team.



Kitsho is managed and operated by MCK Millennium Food, Inc. and is conveniently located at the ground level of Hotel Jen Manila, right across the sprawling CCP Complex along Roxas Boulevard’s sunset strip in the historic Manila Bay area.  For reservations, simply dial the restaurant’s direct line at  (02)-994-36-23 look for  Mr. Ronald Manalo operating manager of Kitsho Restaurant   or Ms. Malou Manzano,   Head Office, telephone number  (02) 877-63-79

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