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Salmon rolls are made more delectable with ebi tempura filling.

Starting this December, Kitsho will be serving breakfast to its diners. The well-loved Japanese restaurant will open its doors to a new dining schedule which begins at 9 in the morning and ends at 12 midnight. So instead of two meal times, Kitsho will now serve sumptuous Japanese food starting at breakfast, then lunch unto dinner.

Gourmets and gourmands could chose whether they want comfort food for breakfast or a traditional Japanese meal of grilled fish (yakimono) of either Sake Shoychi (salmon) or Japanese Saba (mackerel) with miso soup, and rice. For those who prefer sandwiches to rice  meals, you may opt for either the club house, teriyaki sandwich, German franks, ham French roast, or bacon and egg choices. 



Chicken teriyaki is given a new twist as a sandwich meal.


Meat lovers could go for the sauteed beef teppan plate while pasta lovers could opt for Kitsho’s version  of the Neapolitana. Plus, your breakfast comes with unlimited servings of piping hot premium brewed coffee.

Moreover, breakfast time is also the best time to sample on Executive Chef Keita Kamimoto’s delectable sushi such as the Kimchi rolls with its tangy swirls of Korean spice, or the irresistibly tasty unagi (eel) roll. While Chef Keita can prepare all Japanese dishes, sushi and sashimi making has become his forte. In fact, he can prepare just about anything not on the menu, if a diner so wishes, as long as the ingredients are available in the kitchen.


Kitsho’s Unagi (eel) rolled sushi is a must-try!


Chef Keita brings to Kitsho an impressive cuisine experience of preparing superb Japanese food, including rounds in Sweden, Germany, Norway, China, and Equatorial Guinea. His extensive training, which started at 17 in Hiroshima’s Suishin Chef School, shows in every concoction he creates in the kitchen.

With this new dining schedule, lovers of Japanese food are now assured of having their favorite Japanese dishes, may it be for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In the coming months, Kitsho will be rolling out much more exciting new dishes to make its many food choices much more extensive and varied.


Kitsho Japanese Restaurant is managed and operated by MCK Millenium Food, Inc. and is conveniently located at the ground floor of Hotel Jen Manila, right across the sprawling CCP Complex along Roxas Boulevard’s sunset strip on the historic Manila Bay area. For reservations, simply dial the restaurant’s trunkline no. (02) 795-8888 local 2312 or (02) 924–36-23 . You may also get in touch with Malou Manzano through tel. no. (02) 877-63-79 or email : [email protected]

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