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While kids love the Halloween season, moms take it up a notch by dressing up their kids with the most creative costumes for Trick or Treat! It’s even made more exciting because of the Halloween loot bags that kids really enjoy. Chocolates, candies, wafers and biscuits are the staple goodies but aren’t you and your little ones tired of the usual treats.

If you are hosting a Halloween party, it’s time to put a lot of thought to what should go into the loot. Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk can turn your Trick or Treat fest this year from okay to wow with its creamy, chocolicious, and classic chocolate milk taste that everyone loves. We promise, you’ll surely want this all year round!

Rich and absolutely fun to drink, the whole family, especially the kids can’t get enough of this yummy discovery. Sourced from Europe’s 100% and high-quality pure cow’s milk with real cocoa, each serving is sure to be super yummy, healthy and packed only with pure goodness Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk.

Here are some ideas on how to make it a more fun Halloween experience with Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk:

Well of Wonders. Prepare a small fishbowl with questions written in rolled papers. Each kid gets a chance to answer a question and if they get it right, they win a Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk.

Treasure Hunt. Just like Easter eggs, only better! Hide some Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk for the kids to find.

If you’re feeling super, be their Willy Wonka and make their chocolicious dream come true with a Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk fountain.

There’s no need to run out of creative ideas that will make an impression to your kid’s guests. Slip a 200ml tetra box of Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk in their loot bags and make it part of your game prizes, as this transportable and perfect for baon treat is something that they’ll surely have fun sipping on hand whether at home or in school. Be savvy and stock up 1L Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk for smoothies, milkshakes, and popsicles at home because a chocolate break is always a great idea!




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Jolly Cow is exclusively distributed by Fly Ace Corporation in the Philippines. It is available in 3 variants – Fresh Milk, Non-Fat Milk, and Chocolate Milk – all in 1 Liter sizes. Jolly Cow is available in leading groceries and supermarkets nationwide. For more information about Jolly Cow, visit


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