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English Tea Shop Business Strategy and Consumer Relations Manager Sashika Udayanga, host Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi, Clever Cats International General Manager Evelyn Cochanco, Phil.-US registered Dietitian-Nutritionist Cheshire Que, RND, RN, RD and English Tea Shop Founder and CEO Suranga Herath


Taking afternoon tea is a quintessential British pastime and has been part of the nation’s culture for centuries. The origins of afternoon tea can be traced back to the early 1800s, a period when dinner was taken late in the evening. Anna Russell, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, was annoyed by hunger pains caused by only having two meals during the day. Thus, the Duchess scheduled time to take tea and enjoy a snack in the afternoon that will tide her over to dinner. The Duchess first conducted this as a private ceremony but was eventually joined by her acquaintances, and the practice was perpetuated throughout England. Fast-forward to the present, afternoon tea is still considered a luxurious and favorite past time not only in Europe but across Asia as well.






Now, with the launch of UK’s favorite organic tea brand in the Philippines; English Tea Shop, you’ve the choice to indulge in a Lemongrass Ginger & Citrus or their classic English Breakfast that will surely redefine your standards for teas.


English Tea Shop, a brand with a heart that is guaranteed to tickle your fancy. So, time to raise your pinky and get to know its promise of comfort and joy in every sip!




Love, Care, Change.



The brand is unlike other companies that simply buy their tea from middlemen and repack them. English Tea Shop directly works with about 2,000 small farmers who lovingly grow its wide range of organic teas and ingredients. “Our Created Shared Value (CSV) of finding opportunities for growth and sustainable development is the heart and soul of English Tea Shop business. The love, care, change ethos of the company is a testament that sustainability and growth do mix,” said English Tea Shop Founder and CEO Suranga Herath. “Not only do we focus on providing our farmers with tools, education, and financial assistance, our fair-trade price culture ensures that they are able to take home a pay beyond what’s expected, with long-term and stable contracts to begin with. In return, consumers are assured of products that are marked by its hallmark quality, innovativeness, and passion that’s unlike any other,” added Suranga.

In fact, last November 2017, the company won the prestigious Business Award for Sustainability, given by the Lloyds Bank National Business Awards. This is a flagship awards program that recognizes and rewards excellence across all sectors in the UK. As former Prime Minister David Cameron puts it, “These awards are rightly the Oscars of great British business.”


Nothing but certified quality.

English Tea Shop is certified organic, non-GMO, fairtrade and kosher by well-respected third party organizations. These organizations have unquestionable credibility and are recognized by companies and governments all over the world.

Control Union Inspection, an independent Dutch company, certifies that English Tea Shop is 100% organic. ETS is also allowed by the US Department of Agriculture to stamp “USDA organic” on its packaging. ETS is also Non-GMO Project verified by FoodChain ID, Inc. Further, Flo-Cert GmBH attests ETS to be Fair Trade. The Union Orthodox Jewish Congregation of America also approves it as Kosher.

This year, a wider audience or a total of 55 countries (and counting) now gets to enjoy the delightful difference of English Tea Shop’s certified organic teas in its full-flavored glory, all complete with robust benefits!


A brand that lives up to its standards.

ETS’ relationship with its farmers is built on trust. However, ETS has measures in place to ensure that the output by the farms are truly organic and up to the company’s stringent quality standards.

ETS has teams that regularly visit the farms. These teams conduct ocular inspections and audits. For example, they check that organic and conventional farmland are safely separated by about 10-20 meters distance (buffer zone). This is to ensure that that the organic farmland will not be contaminated. Imagine this 20-meter gap to be like the Korean Demilitarized Zone. It is a No Plants Land (pun intended).

The audit teams also compute for the expected output of the organic land area (less damages) vs. the actual harvest. If the actual harvest appears to be more than what the organic farmland can produce, then they know that something is amiss.

To top it all, before any tea is used for production, the company sends it to a laboratory in Germany for testing.

With all these measures in place, how can we not feel the love and care that ETS pours into each cup of tea, just to make sure that we can get authentic organic goodness in each cuppa!


Tea flavors that are in tune with the taste of our time.

ETS has over 130 tea variants to choose from with interesting combinations such as: Super Berries (hibiscus, strawberry, blueberries, raspberries); Green Tea Pomegranate; and Ginger Honey, how can one go wrong?

Not sure which one is your cup of tea? Start with these organic variety packs – herb infusions and fruit infusions. Each box will have four different flavors inside.


Delightfully dainty.

You’ll love the products for their pretty and playful packaging as  much as for their taste and quality without leaving your wallet in a sorry state. Additionally, romancing the customers through its eye-candy colors make a world of difference to pep up the senses. English Tea Shop is a fun gift for yourself and all the tea-lovers in your life who need to sip something that relaxes and rejuvenates. And because the brand is all about long and loving relationship with its customers, hitting them up for feedback and comments whether good or bad, help  them keep improving the quality of their teas.


From tea to tisane.

Because teatime is not just about the brand but experience, English Tea Shop is also offering an assortment of heart-warming infusion of herbal teas or tisanes. From the fragrant and brilliantly mixed dried fruits, berries, herbs, to flowers, they all possess unique health benefits minus the caffeine, pesticides, and artificial ingredients.

At English Tea Shop, the selection is nothing but pure perfection that ranges from black, white, and green. In the Philippines, English Tea Shop is exclusively available at Robinsons Supermarket nationwide.

So time to sip your brew and savor the moment. English Tea Shop is your pleasurable teatime partner.

English Tea Shop is represented in the Philippines by Clever Cats International Company and exclusively available in most Robinsons Supermarkets nationwide. For more information, visit For inquiries, email [email protected].


English Tea Shop is an independent specialty tea company, headquartered in the UK, with retail and wholesale customers in 55 countries worldwide. Specializing in organic and premium-quality teas, English Tea Shop produces a range of over 130 varieties of teas and tisanes at its own factory in Sri Lanka. A fast-growing and ambitious company, English Tea Shop is also a pioneer of sustainable practices, putting its employees and suppliers’ livelihoods first using the principle of value sharing.

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