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Permanent Make Up Artist Bianca Festejo


If eyes are the window to one’s soul, then the brows are the curtains that frame them. Brows are so much more than that, though. They frame your whole face!

Gone are the days when brows are overlooked and over plucked. Now, it’s fuller well groomed brows that are on trend – for both genders. And, I’m so on board this bandwagon. Who doesn’t love a healthy-looking set of brows? They make everyone look so much younger.

Ombre Brows by Permanent Make Up Artist Biaca Festejo


Lots of us have made the mistake during the 90s of shaving and plucking our brows to an inch of their life and a lot of them have not recovered to this day.

While there’s always your trusty brow pencil/pomade/gel/powder to help you fill your brows in, don’t you ever wonder what its like to wake up with perfect brows every single morning? The answer, thanks to the beauty gods and technology, is finally here: Permanent Makeup. Makeup that you don’t need to wash off every night? It’s the dream!

Ombre Brows is the Perfect Technique for Filipinas


Since the concept works for both men and women, this is a practical solution that will surely make life easier with confidence-boosting effect!

While this is also available for your lips, today, we’re going to be focusing on the brows. There’s quite a number of permanent makeup artists in Manila nowadays and it might be hard to pick which one to go to get yours done. After all, you’ll have to live with this decision for at least a year so there’s no room for messing up or an uneven arch.

A before and after shot of Ombre Brows by Bianca


We’re rounding up some of the things you need to consider before booking your permanent makeup artist through an interview with one of the country’s best: Bianca Festejo. She’ll be telling us what we need to look out for and how to pick the artist to work with.

1.         Keep it Clean

Daily hygiene is already important but when it comes to permanent makeup, it skyrockets to being the number one priority. “Even if the artist is the best in creating your brows, if they have bad hygiene practices then the client will suffer,” Bianca said. “We’re dealing with blood here so it’s very easy to pass on diseases.”

In case you’re still in denial, it’s time to accept it: Permanent Makeup is a tattoo. It uses needles and ink is deposited under your skin. Therefore, you must choose your artist wisely. Check with your artist if they use brand new needles as well as disposable and sterilized tools. Equipment should be properly handled so that there will be no contamination.

2. Find Your Perfect Match

The shape, colour, and intensity of your brows will play a huge role in how you look. So, it’s better to go to someone who you can trust and will listen to your wishes. “Someone who understands what you want and need is best,” Bianca added. “You want to be comfortable enough with your artist to give feedback on how you want your brows to look. Don’t go for someone who will dictate how he or she wants you to look. You have to be involved in the process.”

3. Do a Background Check

Bianca has been in the beauty industry in Manila for quite a while now. From franchising her own salon, she moved on to becoming a permanent makeup artist by travelling to five different cities in three continents to master the craft. After gaining Master diplomas from Phibrows, Baltic Brows, and Keratin Lash Lift, she opened her own permanent makeup studio and academy in the Philippines. As an expert, she advocates learning from highly skilled mentors to ensure quality work. “Every artist learns from a master. If the master is really good and experienced, the artist will be too,” Bianca said. It’s always best to check where the artist you will be working with learned their craft which will tell you so much about the level of their skill.

4. A Premium For Their Experience

“Semi-permanent makeup is not a skill learned overnight,” Bianca added. “It takes a lot of practice and a lot of experience to master it.” This, she added, is also why some artists charge higher. You’re paying for their skill, expertise, and the hours they put into practicing to make sure you get perfect brows.

5. Check Their Previous Work

This, Bianca says, is definitely important. Most artists will have their portfolio available online or in the salon. Look through the before and after photos of their previous work. This should give you a clue on their skill and style.

6. Consult with Your Artist

“When choosing an artist, going for a consultation is necessary to get to know more about them,” Bianca said. “You’re entrusting your brows with this person so it’s definitely important to establish trust.” During your consultation, you can also ask about the style that would fit you perfectly. Is it Microblading or Ombré Brows?

A short note on the difference between the two: Microblading is not for those with oily skin. It’s also a bit more traumatic to your skin and fades earlier. Ombré Brows, on the other hand, are recommended for Filipinas since they last longer – for about one and a half year! They also look fuller, and adapt well to oily skin.

Your artist should also inquire whether you’re pregnant, lactating, or keloidal. Sadly, you shouldn’t undergo the procedure if you are. Don’t believe any artist who tells you otherwise. You should work with someone who would really care about how you look and not just about making a profit.

With all these tips, we now think you’re ready to pick your own permanent makeup artist!

Should you wish to check out Bianca and her work, then you’re in luck. She’s running a promo for her services. Microblading is at Php16,000 and Microshading is at Php20,000. Ombré Brows, normally at Php24,000 is only Php19,000 till the end of the month. You can your book your appointment via her website at

Bianca Festejo Beauty Lounge is a one-stop hair, skin, and body treatments salon that’s centrally located in three Metro Manila branches. Offering a myriad of services marked with quality and affordability, Bianca Festejo’s professional permanent make up procedures from eye brows (microblading, ombre, shading), keratin lash lift, and lip tint are also most sought after by its wide range of clients. For more information, visit and


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