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May Sparkling’s Beat the Heat Sparkler


Ah summer, it’s that time of the year where we can bask under the sun, enjoy the water on our feet, and feel the light caress of the sand! And whether you’re out and about or planninga staycation, May Sparkling Juice is everything you need to refresh your summer shindig.

May Sparkling Juice is a non-alcoholic beverage from freshly-pressed and carefully-selected Belgium Grapes. Naturally sweetened with no preservatives added and available in white and red grape flavors -it’s a perfect match with rich dishes!

As the weather gets warmer, a light and refreshing Beat the Heat Sparkler using May Sparkling Juice White Grape Flavor is something to keep you cool. Here’s how to make it in four easy steps:



1 medium size cucumber

1 Lime per glass

10 pcs of mint leaves

1 bottle of May Sparkling Non-Alcoholic White Grape Juice



  1. Slice a cucumber into thin long strips (ideally by using mandoline).
  2. Assemble ingredients into your glass; thin strips of cucumber, a slice of lime and the mint leaves. Add ice!
  3. Cut a lime in half and squeeze the juice into the glass.
  4. Fill the glass with May Sparkling Juice White Grape Flavor.

Find the perfect spot, have a grill with a view of the beach afar. Make it extra special with a bottle or two of May Sparkling Juice. Finally, just sit there and have a relaxing talk with your loved ones on summer nights and lazy Sunday afternoons. Or if your family thinks the beach is too crowded for everyone’s taste, sit back in the comfort of your home; have a movie marathon, or a game night. Available in red and white grape flavors, this a wholesome drink everyone in the family will surely enjoy at a consumer-friendly price.

But why do we love the bubble and fizz so much? See it’s not just the taste that we crave, it’s the sensation in our tongues activated by our somatosensory system—a part of the nervous system—being tickled, being electrified and it somehow energizes our senses. The feeling against our tongues is what we mostly look for. Carbonated drinks like May Sparkling Juice makes the perfect refreshment this summer, especially served cold. Low in calories and non-alcoholic, it couldn’t get any more worry-free than this.

It’s hot outside, so there should be a drink that will relieve you from the heat. Start your summer right, start by saying YES to May Sparkling Juice Drink today!



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