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Globalpinoy Cuisine Corporation re-launches Feast as an International Buffet that caters to all


Façade of FEAST International Buffet restaurant


Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga is emerging to be a fast growing metropolis with more and more tourist coming in to its international airport. Hotels sprung up to cater to the global market and the plans of connecting it to Metro Manila through a fast railway system in the near future, only makes it a suitable candidate for other business ventures to grab the opportunity, to be the first to set up shop in the area ahead of its competitors. This is what Globalpinoy Cuisine Corporation took notice when they opened Feast International Buffet.

It is the first restaurant of its kind to open in Clark, catering to the local taste with its array of signature Filipino cuisines. It was a big opportunity for Globalpinoy Cuisine to be located in Clark, but at first there were challenges that they have to face especially with the discerning taste of Kampangans who takes pride in their culinary heritage.

“The local market themselves wanted to have a taste of the international cuisine that are not very common in Pampanga, and listening to the customers has always been my key to success,” Globalpinoy Cuisine Board Member and Managing Partner, Mr. Dennis Dy explains. “It’s not about what we want, but what our customers want and need, and it is with their feedback that we see some points where we can improve.”


Interior photos of FEAST International Buffet restaurant

That is when they relaunched Feast with a new menu with more international cuisines, which does not only satisfy the Kapampangan palate, but also give the growing international market a taste that is closer to home. “It was a challenge to maintain the consistent international taste of our new menu, because we really want our local market to get a taste of Asia and World with Feast within their home town. It wasn’t that easy to change the perception of our customers with that change that we are doing, but we are slowly gaining back their confidence with the quality of our food,” Dennis Dy adds.

The introduction of international cuisines on the menu was also an opportunity for the Feast’s kitchen staff, mainly comprised of local talents, to learn beyond the techniques they grew up with. “We also opened the restaurant to explore what the local talents could offer and hone their skills further, so that they may have a chance to venture into other international opportunities,” Dennis Dy explains. “With several hotels rising in Clark and the growth of international market in the area, we thought that in order for the local talents to be globally competitive, they must have international level training.”


Dennis Dy, Board Member and Managing Partner of Globalpinoy Cuisine


This is where Chef Dennis Peralta, Feast International Buffet’s Guest Chef, comes in. With his extensive experience with fine dining and banquets through his travels and being at the helm of some of the country’s top kitchens in hotels, Chef Dennis generously shares his skills to the Kapampangan talents of Feast’s kitchen. “They are always excited whenever I come over in the kitchen, because they know that we will be doing something new,” Chef Dennis explains. “They have become excited to learn something, which I think keeps them sharp and hungry to improve themselves in the kitchen.”

Along with the constant addition to the menu offerings, Feast has kept its number of dishes just enough to make sure guests will get a chance to taste them all. “And of course, there is the question of quality in those dishes, whether all of it are consistently good, or just some of it. This is what we want to focus on with our dishes, even though we may not have an overwhelming spread of offerings, we make sure that what we have is of high quality.”

This is what could set Feast apart from the competition. Dennis Dy had that formula tried and tested and gained due recognition from it. With his experience in the Food and Beverage Industry for almost 2 decades, and with the help of Chef Dennis and his hardworking staff, Feast International Buffet is just a start for Globalpinoy Cuisine Corporation’s many other ventures in the future.

Feast International Buffet restaurant located at Tech 1 Hub SM City Clark, 2009 Angeles City, Pampanga. For inquiries and reservations, you may call these nos. (63) 906 351 2688 or (63) 949 324 8382.




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