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Kitsho’s Sumptuous Smorgasbord Spread

Chef Mizumoto Masahiro cooking Sukiyaki

After Easter, fiestas would practically be celebrated most days of the summer months in different locales across the archipelago, bringing to the fore cultural traditions and the indelible imprint of Filipino hospitality.

By summer’s end the fiesta fever would have escalated to fever pitch. Sometimes, ordinary days are turned into festive moments with the plethora of farm produce and fresh catch that abound.


Assorted Sushi, Sashimi and appetizer


Assorted Sashimi


Assorted fruits


The festive fiesta spirit is sumptuously captured by Kitsho’s buffet spread with its myriad choices in appetizers, sukiyaki, sushi & sashimi, as well as, delectable desserts. And diners get to sample each one of their favorite main courses of meat and seafood, freshly prepared from an a la carte buffet menu.

“With more than thirty options, our dining guests can choose what main dishes they want to savor. The good thing is that it will be prepared fresh; only when the order is made and not something reheated from a display. So they get to sample freshly-cooked meat, seafood, and other choices to their hearts delight,” invited Executive Chef Mizumoto “Hiro” Masahiro.

If there are more than twenty persons who will be dining, the buffet spread will be readily available to guests, even on weekdays, as long as prior reservations had been booked.

“Beverages are included in the buffet spread as well, so you need not order them separately.  Guests can have their fill of draft beer, fruit shakes, softdrinks, coffee, house tea, bottomless soft drinks and iced tea, with one round of ice cream thrown in,” he added.

Sometimes, dining guests get to sample concoctions not in the menu. An example would the Beef and Mizuna roll, that’s mustard wrapped in beef sauteed in sweet sauce. While it’s usually meat that’s wrapped inside vegetables, for this delectable dish, it’s the other way around.

There’s also the year-round ‘Special Occasion’ promo, wherein celebrants of birthdays and/or anniversaries get to enjoy a free cover with the 5 + 1 perk,  plus a complimentary cake.  And very soon, Chef Hiro will be rolling out his homemade ice cream flavors in ice cream cups and pints.

Kitsho’s “All Food, All Drinks” smorgasbord treats are available all weekends during lunch (P1,110++) and dinnertime (P1,250++). For inquiries and reservations, simply call the restaurant’s hotline via telephone number  (02) 994-36-23 or  (02) 795-8888 local 2312.

Kitsho authentic Japanese restaurant is conveniently located at the ground floor of Hotel Jen Manila along the bay area’s sunset strip, right across the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the Star City complex. 


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