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Philpop launches songwriting bootcamp, tours the country with veteran composers

PhilPop Chairman Mr Manuel V. Pangilinan delivers a key note speech during the launching ceremony of PhilPop Song Writing Boot Camp.
From left to right: Event Host and PhilPop Alumni Jungee Marcelo, PhilPop Songwriting Boot Camp Masters Mr Ryan Cayabyab and Noel Cabangon, PhilPop Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan, OPM Board Member Mr. Dingdong Avanzado and PhilPop Vice President Patrick C. Gregorio

 On its 6th year, PhilPop MusicFest Foundation (PhilPop) is set to expand its reach nationwide by holding a songwriting boot camp in Antipolo, Baguio, Cebu and Davao with Ryan Cayabyab and Noel Cabangon as Boot Camp Masters.

“We are happy that PhilPop decided to reach out to more Filipino songwriters by having boot camp sites across the country”, said Mr Manny V. Pangilinan, PhilPop Chairman. “PhilPop is born out of faith in Filipino music. We, from the MVP Group, believe in Filipino creativity. We believe in Filipino musicians and artists. PhilPop is about empowering Filipino composers to create music that can inspire and motivate a nation”, added Mr Pangilinan.

PhilPop is a non-profit advocacy organization that aims to give Filipino songwriters a chance to create new songs and spark renewed awareness, enthusiasm, and pride for original Filipino music. Since 2012, PhilPop has mounted the PhilPop Music Festival, a songwriting competition open to all amateur and professional Filipino composers.

“For five years already, PhilPop has taken the lead in encouraging songwriters to churn out original Filipino sound – to remind the world that Filipinos are not just great singers and performers, but also great songwriters; that P-Pop deserves a spot on the world stage”, explained Pangilinan.

PhilPop Songwriting Boot Camp 2017

PhilPop Songwriting Boot Camp is a songwriting workshop aimed to inspire, encourage, and help foster the growth of Filipino songwriters. It will be held in Antipolo on May 11-14, Baguio on July 13-16, Cebu on September 14-17, and Davao on November 23-26.

The boot camp adopts the theme – #dumadagundong2017 – reflecting PhilPop’s goal of expanding its reach and creating positive impact among Filipino songwriters across the country.

Ryan Cayabyab and Noel Cabangon will serve as Boot Camp Masters for this year’s PhilPop Songwriting Boot Camp. They will be joined by other renowned Filipino songwriters, musicians and industry leaders. Previous PhilPop Songwriting Competition winners will also join as Alumni Coaches to help inspire and encourage the Boot Camp fellows.

“As a musician who has been in the industry for years already, I am one with PhilPop in teaching the next generation everything that I know whenever possible. PhilPop songwriting boot camp is designed to be the best venue to meet and interact like-minded people such as composers and singers, music industry executives and advocates to exchange ideas, learn from each other and build inspired communities and networks”, explained Mr Cayabyab.

“Essentially, the boot camp is about encouraging songwriters to produce excellent musical compositions, share their masterpieces, submit entries to songwriting contests, and go for their dreams as artists”, added Mr Cayabyab.

Songwriting boot camp application

The Boot Camp application is open to all Filipinos 16 years old and above. Applicant must be a resident of the area covered by the boot camp to be attended – Antipolo for those residing in Central and Southern Luzon, Baguio for North and Central Luzon, Cebu for those coming from Visayas, and Davao for Mindanao. Aspiring fellows from Metro Manila could join the boot camps either in Antipolo or Baguio. Interested songwriters could apply via online registration on PhilPop’s website starting February 1 to March 31, 2017.

Twenty fellows per Boot Camp will be chosen to join the three-day all-expense-paid session of enriching activities with coaches composed of veteran songwriters and lyricists, musicians, former PhilPop winners and music industry executives. Fellows who will be sponsored to join the Boot Camp shall automatically be part of the top 300 of the PhilPop Songwriting Competition in 2018.

Aside from the twenty sponsored fellows, limited slots were allotted per boot camp site for those who are willing to invest a minimum amount for the training. Regular fellows will have to pay a training fee of Php15,000.00 to cover food, accommodation and training kit.

The PhilPop Songwriting Boot Camp is co-presented by Maynilad with Bughaw Digital as digital partner, Sindikato Productions as video partner and Uber as official land transportation partner. It is organized by The Pinnacle. Philpop 2017 is also supported by the Office of the Vice-President and National Youth Commission.



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