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Philippine tourism will expect to get a boost during the season as Balikbayans and foreigners alike flock to the country for the festivities and the more favorable weather ahead.
We are known to show the unparalleled hospitality to our guests, from giving them the finest accommodations to serving them the best food and giving them just about anything in order to make them feel comfortable with their visit.
One surefire bet in getting that A rate in your cordiality is to have them experience both Filipino heritage and exemplary culinary journey with Guevarra’s. Its grandiose structure is rich in heritage splendor and reminiscent of a house built in the 1920’s.  The picturesque garden surrounded with rich greeneries have so far been the foreground of several weddings, with each one of them forever etched together in history. A wide staircase that leads to the veranda gives you the feel of aristocratic elegance of the forgone era.  As you enter the dining area, get ready to be enthralled with art-deco pieces transforming your senses to a magnificent old-world charm.
Seven Plates Inc. partners, Warren Sy,Patrick King, Felix Yu, Timothy Go, Victor Go, Raymond Co and Jeffrey Siy together with Chefs Roland and Jackie Laudico  ensures us that Guevarra’s  will continue its undertaking to provide its guest with a gastronomic buffet that boasts of great flavor and freshness more than its numbers. From the most raved Roast Angus Beef Belly to Bagnet in the carving station to the rich Kare-Kare and bountiful Shrimp dishes ; down to the sweet tooth cravings of the crowd favorite Brigaderos and Frozen Brazo that never fails to get you going back for more.
Forget your diet this season and savor the new menu selections offered on top of the year-round favorites as Guevarra’s introduces its Yuletide Feast:

Whet your appetite as you munch on crostinis with Christmas Chicken Liver Parfait; flavorful and rich Liver pate with infusion of moscato to open up your taste buds.


Enjoy the creamy goodness of their Christmas Macaroni Salad, a rich blend of macaroni, gelatin cubes, raisins and dressing.

You will definitely roll your tongue as you taste their Beef Morcon with it melt-in-your mouth goodness of rolled Top round with Bacon, Spanish chorizo, carrots and hard-boiled eggs.

Fusion precision with Embotido Lasagna Roll – Classic Filipino meat loaf covered with Lasagna sheet and baked to perfection.


Filipinos love their rice, hence the Christmas Paella, Flavored rice dish with morsels of Liempo, Chicken and Chorizo.


A western favorite that proved to be as sought after here in the country, Roast Turkey with cornmeal stuffing paired with two kinds of sauces- Cranberry and Gravy.

Bask in the marriage of flavor and color of the Fish Mayonesa– Baked whole fish with Tartar dressing topped diced red and green bell pepper, carrots and egg.

Craving for dessert will never be the same as you sensitize your palate with these yummy sweets:
Classic Christmas pudding, Baked bread cut-ups with generous spread of glazed fruit preserves.
Now let’s move on to the obvious signs that we are in the Christmas season and welcome PutoBumbong and Bibingka. These 2 glutinous rice creations will surely make you feel the warmth of the season in a classic manner.

In the spirit of the season, let’s give back to the community. Each buffet head will automatically contribute a portion of the proceeds to benefit the Children’s Joy Foundation, a center that houses disadvantaged children in the country which Chef Laudico Guevarra’s have been supporting for the past four years.

Chef Laudico Guevarra’s is located at 387 P. Guevarra cor. Argonnes St. Addition Hills, San Juan and Buffet rates are as follows:
Weekday Lunch (Monday to Friday) – P399 + 12% VAT
Weekday Dinner (Monday to Thursday) – P499 + 12% VAT
Weekend Lunch and Dinner (Friday Dinner to Sunday Dinner) – P599 + 12% VAT
Lunch is from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM while dinner is from 7:30 PM – 10:00 PM.
For Inquiries and reservations you may contact: 7051811; 7051874; 09173112222. Follow them on Facebook: @ChefLaudicoGuevarras ; Instagram: @Guevarras_ ; Twitter: @Guevarras_

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