UP Mountaineers team with Romi Garduce for Padyak Palawan 2016

Many Filipinos think that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. This couldn’t be further from the truth. When it comes to green landscapes, fascinating terrains and rich resources, the Philippines is the land of promise.
On October 10 to 23, Romi Garduce and a group of UP Mountaineers will be off to Palawan for a fundraising bike tour, Padyak Palawan to showcase some of the country’s most impressive heritage sites, as well as highlight wildlife advocacy by taking us to different stunning wildlife locations throughout the region. It will kick off in Bataraza and culminate in the much beloved El Nido. In between, the group will enjoy traversing the beauty of nature, visiting beautiful places like the Talbon cave which is said to be the site of some of the world’s oldest human bones dating all the way back to 50,000 years. There are also plans to go to Estrella Falls in Aborlan, Puerto Princesa, the Matanglaw and Umalad Falls in Roxa, and UNESCO sites like St. Paul’s underground river in Sabang, and Sta. Isabela in Taytay, a well-known spot for kayaking, diving and snorkelling. Wherever the tour goes, you can be sure that adventure is well on its heels.

                  (L-R) Erwin Saltarin, Nirvana Estiva, Tin Villaflor, Romi Garduce, Cecil Aranton,Maan Oriondo,                           Edmundleo Rico, Milo Oropeza.jpg

 Padyak Palawan is spearheaded by Romi, not just to promote adventure tourism in Palawan, but also to spread awareness on wildlife conservation to protect endangered species, interact with local communities unique to each region, and further appreciate the exquisite resources in our own country. Every stop in this tour will highlight a significant feature that will encourage followers to do their part and give back to Center for Conservation Innovation’s Palawan Programme: Oplan Tandikan.
Mr. Romi Garduce
Oplan Tandikan, the advocacy chosen by Romi himself, is a biodiversity conservation project that is committed to increasing the area of land conservation management and building conservation capacity, specifically of high profile endemic species and their rapidly diminishing habitats. This advocacy also contributes in reducing the impact of climate change, addresses wildlife trade, and constantly explores new programs where they can engage participation with the local community to rehabilitate critically damaged ecosystems in and around the protected areas. Oplan Tandikan works closely with the local partners and management authorities in Palawan.
Romi Garduce is known to be one of the top adventure icons in the Philippines. Part of the highly esteemed UP Mountaineers climbing organization, Romi has travelled locally and internationally, being the first Filipino to climb the world’s seven summits-  the highest peaks of the 7 continents in the world. He is working closely with the Center for Outdoor Recreation and Expedition (C.O.R.E.), the advocacy arm of Primer Group of Companies. C.O.R.E. actively supports outdoor athletes, scientists, artists and writers, and collaborates with NGOs, government agencies and private organizations to explore new boundaries, advocate chance, develop and promote new discoveries in the name of environmental, athletic and scientific pursuits.
Padyak Palawan 2016 is presented by C.O.R.E.  and in partnership with the UP Mountaineers.  This event was made for the benefit of Center for Conservations Innovations Inc.  and made possible by the following major sponsors: R.O.X. (Recreational Outdoor Exchange),  Department of Tourism Mimaropa Region, Tourism Promotions Board, Cebu Pacific as the official Airline partner, and minor sponsors: The North Face, FOX, Blackbeard’s Seafood Island, and Powerman Philippines. Padyak Palawan 2016 would also like to thank its media partners: Business Mirror, Business World, Business World University Edition, and Manila Standard.
C.O.R.E. (Center for Outdoor Recreation and Expedition)  is owned and operated by the Primer Group of Companies, Asia’s next retail giant.
About  C.O.R.E.
C.O.R.E. or the Center for Outdoor Recreation and Expedition is the advocacy arm of the Primer Group of Companies. C.O.R.E. aims to awaken and convert the masses to embrace the immediate and longstanding need to support environmental conservation, ecotourism and community development.
C.O.R.E. actively supports outdoor athletes, scientists, artists, writers and collaborates with NGOs, government agencies and other private organizations to explore new boundaries, advocate change, develop and promote new discoveries in the name of environmental, athletic, and scientific pursuits.
Please check our website: www.coreasia.org.ph |  Facebook: /CORE.ph | Twitter/Instagram: /CORE_ph
About Primer Group of Companies
Established in the Philippines in 1985, the Primer Group of Companies is engaged in the retail and distribution of the world’s top and premium consumer brands in outdoor, travel, footwear, fashion, wellness and urban lifestyle. It has also established a solid ground in the industrial products and services landscape, with companies in full-scale printing, air-conditioning and creative graphic design and services.
The company is aggressively expanding to become the leader in the global distribution and innovation of premium goods and services. Its retail authority alone has grown to over 150 premium brands, with over 500 free-standing stores worldwide. Headquartered in Manila, Philippines, the Primer Group employs over 3,000; and has presence in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia and the United Kingdom.

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