Flight 001 launches Japan collection for its 15th anniversary

Flight 001 Cargo Carry-on Luggage (Blue)
Flight 001 Cargo Carry-on Luggage (Pink)

Flight 001 Cargo Carry-on Luggage (Yellow)

Flight 001 Dash Cabin Luggage
Flight 001 Dash Cabin Luggage
Conceived in 1998 aboard Air France flight 023 somewhere between New York and Paris, Flight 001 (pronounced as flight one) is the brainchild of mechanical engineer and fashion designer John Sencion and merchandising virtuoso Brad John. Both jetsetters who spends way too much time preparing for frequent business trips, the two envisioned a travel store that will make shopping as streamlined as an airplane flight itself.
A hop and a skip later, Flight 001 began welcoming people onboard its flagship store in New York on April 1999 and soon became a well-loved travel store that meets all the needs of an international traveler under one roof. For 15 years now, Flight 001 remains to be a one-stop seamless shop for products as functional and unique as the travelers.

15 years of seamless travel

Flight 001 Denver  48 Hours

Flight 001 Denver Utility Bag

A globetrotter’s dream, Flight 001 offers up an all-inclusive, retro modern retail experience with its well curated travel products and own travel product innovations. Inspired by no less than PAN AM’s legendary Flight 001 which was the world’s only continuous transcontinental flight for almost 40 years, Flight 001 takes great strides to provide travel solutions in each of its global terminals.
Over the course of its 15-year service, Flight 001 has its hefty share of milestones such as in 2002 when it opened up a shuttle boutique inside Henri Bendel alongside the launch of the first Flight 001 branded products.
In 2003, Flight 001 opened a shop in West Hollywood and created the future award-winner Spacepak. Two years later, Spacepak wins the American Institute of Graphic Arts Package Design award. Proving to be a bonafide innovation, the brand wins the Travel+Leisure Awards’ Best Packing System award for Spacepak. Moreover, the first international location, a Flight 001 Shuttle opens in Dubai while more stores are added all over the US.
Flight  001 LGA Carry-on Bag

Flight 001 LGA Tote Bag

In the years to come, Flight 001 lives the dream as it opens up shop all over the world including its first stand-alone shop in Sydney. Asia then followed suit and Flight 001 popped up in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, and Taiwan.
Ceaseless in thinking up ways to upgrade everyone’s travel experience, Flight 001 gave birth to another brilliant innovation and wins the Travel+Leisure Best Travel Accessory for its 4-in-1 Adaptor. As it celebrates its 15th Anniversary this year, Flight 001 is as inspired and motivated as ever to deliver more travel solutions and expand its reach all over the globe with more stores opening soon.
Beyond simply selling products, Flight 001 stands out with its one-of-a-kind DNA that combines a minimalist yet distinct aesthetic with innovation and functionality. The end-result is always something stylish and cool but simply genius each time.

Flight 001 Rollaway Carry-on Luggage
Flight 001 JFK Overnighter Bag
Flight 001JFK Airline Ba
Flight 001 Dash Check-in Luggage (

Flight 001 turns Japanese
This season, Flight 001 harbors inspiration and influence from the genius and sophistication of Japanese design philosophy. At the forefront of technological innovation and breeding ground for the world’s most impressionable trends and fashion, Japan is known for its out-of-this-world inventions that are both revolutionary and nothing short of tasteful and elegant.
Inspired by the minimalist aesthetic of Japan, combined with its spunky and vibrant elements, and driven by the Japanese’ ceaseless pursuit for improvement and excellence, Flight 001 launches the Japan Collection. By combining a minimalist aesthetic with punches of Japan’s loud and comical street-inspired elements, the result is a fun and exciting collection that are unique and full of character yet clean and elegant.
Some of the highlights of the Japan collection include the Roll Away 4W, a carry-on case for frequent travelers who treat their luggage as a closet-away-from-home. Keep your things compact and organized with a removable, Velcro-secured divider and a matching pouch. The case also features a three-side zippered front panel, which can be rolled tight like a scroll and secured back by an elastic strap. Made from a heavyweight nylon/polyester blend, the case weighs only 5.5 lbs.
The DASH is Flight 001’s go-anywhere luggage that features a hard-sided polycarbonate shell, two zippers that pulls the lock into a TSA combination lock, an interior that has a detachable hanging organizational panel and zippered storage compartment, adjustable trolley handle, easy-to-grip handle on side and top, and four 360-degree spinning wheels – all in all at just 6.4 lbs.
Inspired by freight cargo containers, the F1 Cargo Carry-On is just as fun as it is functional. A brightly colored, stackable, hard-sided carry-on case, it features candy-colored polypropylene exterior shells, interior mesh organization pockets, TSA locks, two wheels, and weighs at about 7.9 lbs only.
A collection that supports those with an active lifestyle, the Denver collection got its name from the Denver Airport. Meanwhile, the LGA collection is a unique line-up of travel luggage that combines the texture and contemporary retro design décor line tape. While it is suitable for rough trips and harsh weather because of its strong material, the collection makes use of simple designs and is lightweight.  

Flight 001 Airline Bag                                   

Upgrade your travel
Apart from the Japan collection, Flight 001 offers a wide selection of accessories to keep all your belongings safe and organized. Opt for Flight 001’s canvas pouches with inspirational phrases and Flight 001’s Aeronaut bags in Dopp, Triangle, or Quart shapes.
From passport covers to document holders, never loose an important document and file with these punchy accessories that come in different hued and texturized leather. Never lose your luggage with witty captioned luggage tags, ID tag sets, and cyber tags in vibrant colors and pop art-inspired designs.
For a more organized and efficient packing system, go crazy over Flight 001’s trademark Go Clean bags for lingerie, laundry, beach wear, gym wear, and even heels, shoes, and boots. Now for in-flight comfort, check out the F1 Seat Pak, super adorable Eye masks in different quirky designs. Other cool travel products include the Neck Rest, Emergency Blankets, X-Ray bags and tags, toiletry bags, luggage, and casual bags.
True to its claim of housing the best products that can “Upgrade Your Travel”, Flight 001 through its innovative products certainly upgrades one’s travel experience by keeping everything organized in style. And who else would better understand the importance of a seamless travel experience than flight crewmembers who are always flying in and out of destinations. Of all travelers, Flight 001 thinks that flight crewmembers are the best people to serve as ambassadors for the brand. Constantly flying in and out of cities, flight crewmembers need to keep their belongings safe and organized to maximize their time.
Just in time for its 15th anniversary, Flight 001 is thrilled to announce a rewards promo for flight crewmembers. Flight attendants and pilots may simply present their flight crew IDs and get 20% discount on all Flight 001 products in all Flight 001 stores worldwide. Plus, the discount also applies to non-Flight 001 products in select stores.
Since day one of its operations, Flight 001 has always been dedicated in serving up an all-inclusive and retro modern retail experience to all its jet setting customers. For a seamless, personalized, and unique travel experience, head out to Flight 001 and find all your travel needs and essentials all in one roof!
Flight 001’s 15th Anniversary and launch of the Japan collection is co-presented by the Philippine Airlines.
For more information, connect with Flight 001 Philippines at www.facebook.com/Flight001PH.
The Primer Group of Companies, Asia’s next retail giant, is the exclusive distributor of Flight 001 in the Philippines.
About Flight 001

FLIGHT 001 (pronounced flight one) was conceived in 1998 aboard Air France flight 025 somewhere between New York and Paris. John Sencion and Brad John were two business travelers who had spent far too much time preparing for their trip envisioned a travel store as streamlined as flight itself. Luckily for travelers of every kind, their mid air detour resulted in a jet setter’s dream: an all inclusive, retro modern retail experience that satisfies the frequent traveler’s every need.

For over 15 years now Flight 001 has been scouring the globe for products as functional and unique as the travelers that frequent the stores. When not curating the best travel products in the world, Flight 001 has and continues to develop travel products for the world.

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