The most interesting aspect of the digital revolution story pivots on the world of imagery. Manfrotto started out in the world of professional photography and feel privileged to still be relevant after more than 40 years in the field.
Photography in the digital era has become accessible to all, allowing us to engage, document and share experiences visually. 
Instantaneous updating on social networks enhances our experiences and adds a new meaningful layer to our photography.
We no longer only want to capture and cherish a moment, we want to share and communicate a variety of experiences and activities with our friends and families. This new lifestyle means that we are increasingly seeking knowledge and tools, which will help us, create more skillful and attractive photos.
Based in Northern Italy at Cassola, Manfrotto designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of camera and lighting support equipment for the professional photographic, film, theater, live entertainment and video markets. The product line includes an extensive range of camera tripods and heads, lighting stands and accessories.
Manfrotto products are sold in over 65 countries around the world! It has become a tradition of Manfrotto to continually invest in the latest technology together with constant assessment of the product range, production needs and consumer trends. This policy maintains the highest standard of quality at all stages and set the standards others follow. Manfrotto Products are manufactured by the Manfrotto Supports and Manfrotto Bags units.

With passion and commitment Manfrotto has created a foundation on which every imagist, from the social recorder to the professional nature journalist, the anarchic film maker and the hobbyist who dreams can build and realize the four corner of their imagination: shape, elevate, inform and share.




STILE is Italian for style and we believe that Manfrotto Stile Collection is destined to become synonymous with stylish photo bags! This collection is the first in the market to recognize and address the carrying needs of the specific new generation of ‘Social Recorders’ with their mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras, mp3 players, GPSs, i-Pads and much, much more.
The STILE+ COLLECTION combines Italian style and good taste with functionality and superior protection. On the outside the Stile+ bags look like everyday fashionable and comfortable messengers, slings and backpacks. But inside they provide an extra padded thermoformed insert that delivers the best protection for one’s photography gear. When not needed, insert can be removed and the bag reverts to everyday use.
ADVANCED BAGS COLLECTION, aimed at passionate photographers looking for full-features, reliable equipment that share the Manfrotto heritage trusted by professional. Along with well-known tripods, Advanced Bags are an ideal way into the Manfrotto hobbyist range.
Thanks to Reliable, hard-wearing fabrics, fantastic construction quality, professional features and essential and elegant design, Manfrotto Advanced camera bags are the perfect tool to support hobbyist photographers to learn, improve self expression and create top quality images to share proudly.
This collection, with pro-inspired features, offers room for pho- tographic gear and personal items.
Advanced bags offer:

• Practical designs based on photographers’ needs and expectations.
• Inside protection through sturdy inner dividers.

• Tough wearing fabrics.

• Great care for design and details, in line with all Manfrotto products.
PROFESSIONAL BAGS COLLECTION are your new trustworthy as- sistant. Our reputation in the Imaging Accessories Market is second to none and we are the undisputed market leader in the tripod market. It is now our mission to offer our family of users a new innovative bag product range, with superior tech- nology, higher protection and an exclusive style attitude.
All the bags are designed around the needs of the photogra- pher on the go, to protect his investment, featuring unique protection technologies inside and outside:

• Camera Protection System (CPS) around the core to protect the most precious lens assets.
• Front shield and bottom legs to protect from accidental hits.
• Great care for usability and details, design in line with Manfrotto’s best tripods.

• Designed to become a work station on the ground while shooting.
Manfrotto Professional Bags have been rigorously tested in extreme simulated conditions compared to other leading brands and found to be the most protective.


Nothing will do as much to improve your photography or film-making as using a good tripod, and whether you want the smallest, lightest camera support to carry with you at all times for your palm-sized digital camera or camcorder, or the tallest, sturdiest piece of studio equipment for a view camera or a full-scale ENG setup, Manfrotto has the answer.

The most popular and most imitated, and yet unrivalled family of pro tripods in the market, the 055 SERIES is the best option for size, weight and stability. The 055 is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications according to the model, and is available in different configurations and in two versions: aluminium and carbon fibre. Besides the carbon fibre tubes. The CX versions are made of ultra light magnesium casting, and in the Pro version the column is in carbon fibre. The 055 range is designed to offer the best performance not only to the keen amateur and pro users, but also to make available Manfrotto’s top quality and precision to advanced hobbyists particularly the aluminium version.
The new 190 SERIES is a unique tripod that holds compactness and more transportability. It offers ultra-versatile settings that make it easier to release the imagination and creativity of every photographer. With the following features:
       Solid & Fast to Set Up
Completely extend the legs with one-hand opening.
Creative Setting
An innovative mechanism allowing the vertical column to swing to the horizontal position increasing shooting flexibility.
Expanded Possiblities
Turning the 190 into a mobile studio expanding shooting possibilities.

The 290 SERIES is the newborn series in the Manfrotto range. Developed from the experience of the 190, the 290 is the ideal tool to develop your skill and passion for photography and video. Some key features like the professional aluminum and adjustable leg locks for unsurpassed stability, and anti-rotation columns akin to pro tripods for great accuracy, are unique for this support category. Thanks to highly durable materials, sturdy construction, advanced settings and removable head for future upgrades, the 290 is excellent value and an investment to serve you for years to come. It comes in various popular sizes and kits, and especially in the short four-section version – it is also the ideal tool for travelling.
Small is Beautiful. Versatile, lightweight and portable with gorgeous Italian styling. PIXI table tripodsets the new standard for mini tripods. A support that is as beautiful as your pictures will be.
The tripod HEAD is the component that really gives you control over your camera or videocamera, so it’s worth choosing carefully. Your first choice is between heads designed for photographic use (such as three-way, geared, ball or pano heads) and heads for video (pan and tilt or fluid heads). Video heads are also popular among wildlife photographers, sport optics users and sports photographers using long telephoto lenses. Pick a head first if the factors that will determine your choice of support system are versatility or application-specific design, speed in use or precision. Once you’ve found the ideal head, look for the tripod to match.


MONOPODS are ideal travel and outdoor companions, taking up little space yet giving invaluable support and better results than hand-held shooting. Favoured also by sports photographers using long, heavy lenses but needing lightning fast reactions and repositioning.

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