CLUB and LASERBLAST. The night and the new frontiers of denim. These are the two powerful, intense souls that pulsate in Replay’s new capsule collection for FW 2013–14. On the one hand, there are electrical vibrations, chiaroscuro and the beat of the night; on the other, it’s denim in its most high-tech Laserblast version, more green-oriented and low-impact than ever. This extremely young collection successfully forges a dialogue between coolness, technological research and environmental awareness.
The night and its shadows, lights and sounds. The dynamic and hypnotic night that, every weekend, pulsates in clubs, where music, lights and bodies move in perfect unison. It’s about clubbing, bar-hopping in search of exactly the right vibe, the sound that gets under your skin and courses through your veins.
This is the rhythm that pervades every piece from this collection, transforming each one into a real nocturnal animal. It steals the dark tones of shadows for a palette of colors composed of intense scales of black, grey and the deepest blue-black. Then it captures the sensuality of the wee hours and, for her, transforms it into asymmetrical cuts, unexpected openings and a body-hugging fit, while for him it ventures into leather and sophisticated constructions. But it also embraces the smart, lean elegance of the evening for uber-sartorial and well-defined garments whose raison d’être lies in sophisticated detailing. But without overlooking the desire for experimenting, cross-referencing and discovering new things that inspires the movida – and that this capsule collection brings to very edgy treatments and a surprising mix of materials: all intended to shape a collection that doesn’t simply dress the night but actually lives it.
Replay Laserblast Woman
For her, the night means seduction and she goes from bar to bar in the sexiest super-short dresses, like the one in black silk covered in gold sequins, alluding to the nocturnal interplay of light and shadow. And there are super-tight mini-dresses that sinuously swathe her body, like the back-baring one in matte neoprene, the one in denim leather paint, and the sensuously asymmetrical model in printed jersey. But there are also looser forms that are just as sexy, like the dazzling maxi tank in Lurex.
The mood takes a decidedly more sartorial turn with the single-button black blazer that is decidedly oversized, perfectly countered by the fitted short black jacket in denim leather paint that is studded for a decidedly angry look.
In knitwear as well, the night is transformed into oversized and precious items in a cashmere blend, with asymmetrical cuts and studded outlines, or in a mix of materials like wool and jersey or wool and georgette, treated for a more decisive feeling. Treatments and washings are also used for the T-shirt, which are loose and baggy so they vibrate and dance with every beat of the music. We find oversized items with raw edges, and asymmetrical hems and necks, but with gutsy details that powerfully stand out on super-soft jersey. Studs and gemstones appear on pockets and necklines, and the shoulders vaunt aggressive padding. All the T-shirts have a determined rock ’n’ roll personality.
While the tops glide fluidly and loosely over the bust, the sexy bottoms are tight around the legs, with body-hugging jeans and skirts that highlight the sinuous moves to the beat of the music. They range from neoprene, also used for skirts and pants, to leather paint on black jeans dotted with super-bad studs along the belt and pockets, and from denim jacquard inspired by Baroque tapestries to the palest laminated jeans with a brilliant diamond-effect finish. Legs become oh-so-sensual and steal the show.

Replay Laserblast Men
For men, the night becomes a perfect mix of black-tie items with a powerful sartorial air, but with forays into the most aggressive, fresh and super-treated pieces with allusions to rock, to end with a very strong injection of leather.
The smart, clean blue wool blazer is combined with one of the innovations of the capsule collection: leather paint in the men’s version, proposed on the plum denim shirt. The leather-effect denim jacket accompanies the rinsed jeans with a sophisticated Seventies construction that turns to inaccurate double stitching with a handmade feel and super-precious selvedge denim. Sophisticated tailoring returns in the shirts with open chain stitching and in the garment-dyed blazers in sandy colors, which are thus very pale in the thicker areas, and in the trousers that give denim the typical moulin weave of wool, proposing invisible topstitching and great attention to detail. And they are fully lined.
This blend of different worlds also inspires knitwear, with the sweatshirt with a wool body and sleeves but a fleece hood, and the reversible knit top that is jersey on the inside and wool on the outside. And there is the cashmere blend that has been double-dyed to create intriguing nuances and shadows. Contamination returns in jackets, where leather and denim come together in a much more modern and sophisticated version of the iconic leather jacket.
The night tackles and transfigures T-shirts as well, with maxi prints with a blurred, worn look, creating intense splashes of color on jersey. All the T-shirts, like the jackets from the collection, have been treated and mistreated to give them a personality that will stand out in the shadows of the night and, by contrast, will make the pieces with the most sartorial mood shine. For a decidedly sophisticated look for guys, the collection takes up the sleek elegance of a black-tie look, but at the same time it turns to aggressiveness and a passion for the purest and most anarchical rock contaminations.
We go from bar to bar to arrive at the green heart of this capsule collection, Laserblast denim. A huge hit when it was first proposed for FW 2012–13, it’s back this year in an updated 2.0 version: the Laserblast Evolution. It has maintained the strong green-oriented and low-impact commitment of its technology, which reduces water consumption by 85%, permitting significant energy savings, but it has also introduced new research into the shades and colors of denim. Therefore, work was done on a series of shades of very dark blue, grey and black, to arrive at a palette also inspired by the super-matte chiaroscuro of the night, with two greys, a black and a blue black.
For him, the fit is lean, developing Laserblast for slim and tight jeans that define but don’t bind his body. For her, skinny is still in style, but it has been renewed with a Laserblast fabric printed with diamond motifs, with an original optical effect that is decidedly high-impact.
Environmental awareness has never been so fashionable … or so cool.
In the Philippines, Replay is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc. (SSI) and is located at Greenbelt 5, Rustan’s Tower Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Shangri-la Plaza Mall, and Bonifacio High Street Central.

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