Swarovski watches dazzle Manila

Chris Neff, Swarovksi – head of emerging markets – Southeast Asia


            Premier global fashion brand Swarovski presents the Swarovski Watch Collection 2012, its first-ever chronograph collection to reach Manila that showcases new and elegant timepieces that add sparkle to your everyday life.
“We’re really looking forward to sharing Swarovski’s latest watch collection to the Philippine market because we know that we share with them the passion for aesthetically unique products and designs. Filipinos are known to be very fashionable and we’re certain that these watches will complement their style,” said Chris Neff, Swarovski’s head of emerging markets in Southeast Asia.
            “Nowadays, chronographs are not only used to tell time.  They are also worn as essential fashion pieces to complete one’s look. And we are proud to say that whether you prefer elegant, fun, or sporty, Swarovski’s new watch collection has one for you,” said Emerson Yao, managing director of Lucerne, the exclusive distributor of Swarovski in the Philippines.

Octea Chrono Fuchsia

            Swarovski’s Watch Collection 2012 includes new lines, new colors and new pieces that will meet your expectations and go with your style. Octea Chronopresents in two new trendy colors: anthracite and fuchsia. This stylish chronograph mixes round and linear elements and has the trademark combination of crystals and straps. It also features a unidirectional bezel made of a single piece of crystal. Its second counter, one of the three counters found on the dial, is circled by pavé crystals. Octea Chrono’s rubber strap is also adorned with six Crystal Silver Night or Fuchsia Diamond Touch Light crystals which complete its sporty yet feminine look.
              Also in the collection is the Octea Sport line, which is now available in white rose-gold. It also has the same unidirectional bezel made of white ceramic. Its rubber strap with white ceramic elements also adds a sleek and modern appeal. For those who prefer a burst of color, this line is also available in ocean blue and lilac with rubber straps embellished with blue zircon and Light Amethyst Intensive Diamond Touch Light crystals.

Lovely Crystals
          Included in this year’s Swarovski Watch Collection is a completely new range called Lovely Crystals. It features five playful and chic watches which come in white, black or magenta and have either stainless steel or calfskin leather as bracelet. However, its most eye-catching feature is its bezel is speckled with 16 zirconian crystals that move in a circular motion with the movement of the wrist.

ElisMini Silk Diamond Touch Light
            The best-selling Elis Mini range also has two additions which are included in the latest collection: Elis Mini Silk Diamond Touch Light and Elis Lady Provence Lavender Diamond Touch Light. Among the other pieces, these two are the only chronographs with a pyramidal square case. They also stand out as both feature sparkling Crystal Mesh straps that make them exude an appeal of elegance, luxury and femininity.
With its Watch Collection 2012, Swarovski once again proves that it has mastered the art of providing innovative, stylish and high quality chronographs that meet its loyal consumers’ desire for adornment and delight.

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