When it comes to Philippine style, no other retail brand has enough rightful claim of being the pioneer than Collezione. Since 1972, the heritage brand has provided Filipinos with outstanding and durable shirts, matching (at times surpassing) the quality and designs of its higher-end foreign counterparts. Today, Collezione C2 celebrates its 40th year by presenting a striking new collection heralded by bold statements and even bolder representation.  
“Collezione C2 will continue to innovate and find creative ways to promote Genuine Filipino Artistry by generating unique, exceptional and relevant designs that showcase and celebrate what’s best about the Filipinos of today,” says Mr. Joey Qua, President  of Collezione C2.
Childhood memories and local scenes have given the new collection of Collezione C2 a sense of nostalgia mixed with a modern aura that’s perfect for the season. Drawing inspiration from seemingly mundane, everyday sights like Maya birds, Gumamela and the Carabao, the brand’s newest designers have come up with pieces that will usher in a striking fashion collection for Filipinos. Collezione C2’s Menswear Creative Director Noel Crisostomo and Collezione C2’s Womenswear Creative Director Stef Sarmiento-Valdez have given a new spark to our local fashion scene by incorporating digital prints that highlight the most remarkable sights and experiences in the Philippines which are found juxtaposed in razor-sharp dresses and separates. To bring in color to the designs, Philippine festivals such as Ati-atihan and Maskara along with the stunning Makati skyline and the ever-present Jeepney were proponents in creating a vivid contrast to the new Collezione C2 shape of fashion modernity.
Yet the most remarkable highlight of Collezione C2’s most recent collection is the revival of its unwavering legacy. “Since we are celebrating the 40th year of Collezione, we want to highlight the key logo, the brand’s original emblem,” explains Noel Crisostomo, inspired by many childhood recollections for the brand’s iconic trademark. “I wore Collezione when I was a toddler, and I still vividly remember the key logo on my chest,” adds Stef Sarmiento-Valdez, putting the remarkable insignia on everything from piqued shirts to desirous evening accessories.
This perfect setting is where the Philippines’ most iconic retail brand and the Filipino’s best-loved leading man have crossed, which in turn has signaled a new fashion direction that is cutting edge, collectable, and yet timeless.
With a face that has captured the hearts of Filipinos, Jericho Rosales’ endearing passion and confidence is a fixture in several Asian television shows. An enduring actor, a sportsman, an adventurer, a philanthropist, and an acclaimed singer-songwriter—through the years, he remains a constant reminder that excellence can be achieved with a balance of goodwill and success as long as one is anchored with a strong sense of faith and is done with a spirit of fashion, art and nationalism.

These for sure are bolder times for Collezione, reaching an age when life actually begins at 40. Armed with a new collection that upholds the country’s dynamic move forward, and a new face that reminds everyone of the enduring values that Filipinos hold true, just like its inception 40 years ago, Collezione still holds the key to Philippine fashion greatness.

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