The Global Pinoy Hero Unveiled

Francis Padua Papica

He is an attorney in San Francisco, California and an alumni from a school in the Bicol region. Since he was young, he was already an achiever. He made a foundation, Frances Papica Padua Foundation, helping young Bicolanos to study. He gave out scholarships, books, and generally helps schools and people around the Bicol region in the hopes of giving them better lives in the future. He also gives out seminars for leadership.
Julie Ann Ting
She received the Nightingale Award during our graduation, which is given only to the most outstanding student in our batch. For the past 3 years she’s been in Singapore, she was also able to support several NGO nursing homes in her local community by providing clothes, food, and also making special events more memorable like Christmas.
Levi San Pedro
He’s a Filipino working in a land with a completely different culture and race, he can also be successful because right now, he and his wife now owns a nursing facility that are both accredited by the Medicare and Medicaid services. Also, his kids continue to receive several recognition both in academics and extra-curricular activities, which also proves that he’s able to raise his kids well.
Willy Carpio
He contributed, lead, and at times, spearheaded various projects under Filipino Club-Bahrain, Gawad-Kalinga, Knights of Rizal, Legion of Mary, International Toastmasters Club that benefited Pinoys in Bahrain and at home i.e. providing reliefs to typhoon Ondoy victims, donating KTVs to Bulacan schools, raising funds to provide homes to the less fortunate, providing training competition to encourage pinoy youths improve in public speaking etc.

Ryan Tamayo
He works in areas with constant threats of danger and bombings. Despite the situation he faced just to work abroad, he remained there to work hard and provide for himself and support his family. He was even given a diploma because his employers acknowledged his hard work and perseverance. Even though he has a wife already, he continues to support his family as he is the eldest child and even made his siblings go to school.

Wilfredo Garing
He repairs vehicles from ordinary to luxury such as BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz. We acknowledge that his job is tedious, and we are very thankful for him supporting his family in the Philippines. He was able to give honor to our country also when he won in the Auto denter competition held in Japan.
William Catanghal
He teaches his kids that to be of service and of help to other people must be a priority. Willingly, he extends his arms to others when he knows he can do something for them, how little it may be, as long as he knows he can do something, he will do it.

Rainer Nirza Pabuna
He is a co-founder of an organization called Happy Fish Kids. Despite his work abroad, he still manages to find time to think and organize fund raising activities for the organization and promote the organization’s cause online so that people will donate and help out the kids in need.

Reynaldo Lachica
He motivates, inspires, and recognizes  elementary and high school honor graduating  students by sponsoring the Annual Ulirang Kabataan Awards (M.A. Roxas High School and Bagong Barangay Elementary School ) in Paco and Pandacan, Manila. On November 26, 2010, he was awarded as the Alaxan FR/ DOLE 2010 Search for Toughest Jobs Philippines Grand Prize Winner. He donated half of the prize money to the M. A. Roxas High School Science Department (in Paco, Manila) for their student research program.

Dennis Laforteza

He landed the job to be the head chef at the white house not only for Prs. Obama but also for the previous Pres. George Bush, which is such an honor not just for himself but also for our country.

What makes a hero?
It was Superman legend, Christopher Reeve, who once said that a hero is any individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. Such is the 11 million Filipinos overseas, who have left home to work and bring honor, not just for family but also for the nation as a whole.
With this reason, Toblerone, the “thank you” chocolate is making it its mission to recognize the efforts of these modern day Filipino heroes through the Thank You Global Pinoy Awards Night.
“Inspired by the “pasalubong” homecoming tradition associated with Toblerone and in continuing its goal to revive the art of saying “thank you” among Filipinos, the brand is focusing its lens to the millions of Filipinos overseas who deserved to be thanked,” says Jaya Singh, Region Director, Middle East and Asia Pacific, Kraft Foods World Travel Retail.

The Thank You Global Pinoy Awards is an initiative that sought to search for the most outstanding global Filipino workers who deserve our gratitude. It is led by the Commission on Filipinos Overseas—the government agency tasked to promote and uphold the interests of Filipino emigrants and permanent residents abroad, and Toblerone as the key proponent of Thank You Day in 2007.
Ten Global Pinoys were recognized, including Reynaldo Lachica, a power plant chemist in London, who pushes for academic excellence in the country through the Annual Ulirang Kabataan Awards in Paco, Manila; Dennis Laforteza, a head chef for US President Barrack Obama; and Francis Padua Papica, a lawyer in San Fransisco, who spearheaded a foundation helping young Bicolanos  pursue their education, to name a few. 
The “thank you” chocolate also provided other outlets to show our gratitude, including the Thank You Global Pinoy website, which served as an online venue for Filipinos to thank their nominated Global Pinoy; and also the Special Rewards Passport distributed in Duty Free and NAIA terminals in Paranaque that gave balikbayans perks and incentives to partner establishments like Krispy Kreme, Red Box, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Folded and Hung, David’s Salon, Wade, Jelly Bean, Abenson, Maribago Hotel and Spa, and Island Cove Hotel and Resorts.
“In its tradition of being the “thank you” and “pasalubong” chocolate of our overseas Filipinos, Toblerone has initiated this project in order to give back. We hope that in our own way, we can give these outstanding Global Pinoys the sweet “thank you” they deserve,” ends Singh.

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