Wednesday 22 February at 9Pm
No Cover Charge
For Information: 02 4081852

A native San Franciscan born to parents from Nicaragua, Lola Morales grew up firmly grounded in both her Latina and American roots. Her music 
is a direct reflection of this vibrant combination. American Funk meets Latin Soul, her unique style has made a huge impact on audiences worldwide. The start of Lola’s musical career began in Ecuador while studying abroad from college. Moving there to study Spanish literature, she soon fell in amongst fellow musicians in Quito’s flourishing music scene. Singing in both English and Spanish, she swiftly built up a local fan base while performing in Quito’s hottest nightclubs and bars. Back in San Francisco, Lola who also plays guitar, continued to sing and branched out into crafting her own original compositions while she completed her degree at UC Berkeley. During this time her distinctive style emerged: a combination of rich, melodic vocals over raw-edged beats and driving rhythms. With a move to London in 2003, Lola began wowing the crowds with her fusion-influenced music in no time at all. Fully immersed in London’s thriving musical circuit, Lola gigged regularly throughout the city’s numerous chic and stylish musical venues. Both her high-energy sets backed by a full band as well as her more intimate acoustic sets were wildly received. Lola has been touring hot spots around the globe since 2005 with residencies in Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Turkey and most recently, China. Between tours, Lola has been busy recording her first full length CD entitled, Write My Story. Her well-penned and uniquely arranged compositions showcase the musical style that has won her a dedicated and steady fan base. The tracks are eclectic and colorful and Lola’s sensual delivery is the ribbon the ties the CD together beautifully. Lola is excited about her continued travels while touring, song writing and future collaborations with producers, fellow songwriters and musicians. ..


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